Greetings! I am Ronnie E. Raney, Jr.

Lawrence, KS

One of my strengths is that I know a good bit about a lot of things. That’s part of the territory of being in my 40’s. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and little bit of wisdom.

Here are some of the major talking points about my life. If you are only interested in what I offer as a designer and developer, please contact me or take a look at my portfolio.


I’m from Mississippi

I was born in Clarksdale, MS, in the heart of the Delta region. I grew up near Jackson, MS, in the Crossgates sub-development of Brandon. My family is rooted out of Tallahatchie County, from the seat city of Charleston. I am proud of my roots and my home state. I love going back there when I get a chance.

I live in Kansas

I went to high school at Shawnee Mission West in Overland Park. I attended the University of Kansas in Lawrence, and never left! I got my Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology at KU, and became a cook. I now commute to K.C.

I am a musician

I started music in elementary school with the piano and snare drum. I started the guitar when I was 14 from an old Beatles songbook. I picked up the electric bass in high school. I played in several experimental rock bands, and high school jazz band. In the years since, I have picked up mandolin and continued playing in several groups. I currently am learning the banjo.

I was a professional culinarian

…and someday I might do it again. I worked at the Glass Onion Cafe in Lawrence, KS, where I learned basic cooking techniques and how to run a food operation. I worked for 13 years at the Free State Brewing Co. as a line cook, prep cook, sous-chef and asst. manager. I was also an interim Kitchen Manager and sous-chef at Wheatfields Bakery in Lawrence.

I am a professional Information Specialist

My first computer experience was with the IBM PC Jr. I did Basic programming and played the Enchanter text-based game. I didn’t do a lot with computers until the early 2000’s. I got an A.A.S. in I.T. from JCCC while working as a cook. I began doing websites and got an internship with Dr. Christine Daley at the Center for American Indian Community Health in Kansas City, KS. I now manage website and administrative database development. I have learned a lot about research and American Indian culture and issues. I am currently studying for the CCNA certification.


I was employed at the University Kansas Medical Center as a website and database manager for 5 years. Currently I am seeking employment. I live in Lawrence, KS. If you are interested in getting your own website, feel free to contact me with any questions. I try to be relatively reasonable about compensation.

I am upgrading my website and portfolio currently. If it looks pretty bare, hopefully that’s just temporary.

About this website

This website is built with the help of WordPress and a custom theme I call WordUp. The theme is built with Bootstrap 4.0 components and utilities.