When I first started in web development, I avoided WordPress like the plague. I had mistaken beliefs that WordPress was some sort of crutch. In fact, it is a full-force PHP platform. It does have a way of making life easier, but it’s as complicated and rich as you’d like it to be. It can be utilized by beginners and advanced developers alike.

I was initially locked in on using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Now I am ironically using WordPress every day, sometimes for 8-10 hours in a day. Now I’m locked in on WordPress.

I’m not satisfied with only using WordPress, don’t get me wrong. I really want to improve my JavaScript front-end skills, including my knowledge of React and Angular. I also really still love PHP and Python, including the Django platform. I am excited about the possibilities to use WordPress as a backend API system, with custom apps fetching all sorts of WordPress data using the WordPress REST API. Even WordPress itself is embracing React, as the Gutenberg editor is built with it.

2019 looks like another year of WordPress for me, but perhaps I’ll take a step forward into the future and dive deeper into its possibilities.

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